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Bibledit Video Tutorials

Bibledit has a series of Video Tutorials for the Bible Translation Tools. These are necessary to understand the Bibledit Translation Software, including the Demo version of the software.

Watch these videos here or on the YouTube Channel of Bibledit.

NB WORK IN PROGRESS! These videos are not in any particular order yet. The first seven are for beginners, the others for more advanced users. Also: Bibledit has been updated over the years with added features, so some of the videos need an update. We are working on that!

Viewing Resources in Bibledit
Working with Workspaces
in Bibledit
Connecting to Bibledit Cloud
The four Bible text editors
in Bibledit
Giving public feedback
on a Bible through
Bibledit Cloud
Searching for similar
Strong’s numbers
in Bibledit
Change notifications in Bibledit
Styles in Bibledit
Importing Bible text
into Bibledit
USFM resources in Bibledit
Searching similar verses
in Bibledit
Mechanical checks
in Bibledit
for Translators
Searching for verses with
similar Hebrew or Greek
words in Bibledit
Editing Bible text in Bibledit
Advanced search in Bibledit
Checking sentence structure
in Bibledit
Basic replacing in Bibledit
Searching for Strong’s
numbers in Bibledit
Mechanical checks
in Bibledit Cloud
for Managers
Searching Bibles and
Consultation Notes
in Bibledit
Advanced replace in Bibledit
Basic searching in Bibledit
You can translate the Bible into your own language
Printing Resources in Bibledit
Working with Image
resources in Bibledit
Swiping the Bibledit screen
on a tablet or phone
from left to right
Installing Resources
in Bibledit
Decorative image for Bibledit video tutorials

YouTube Video Channel of Bibledit