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Support for Bibledit software

Bibledit Translation Software comes with many resources and various ways of online and personal support. Following are the 4 pillars to greatly help you enhance your bible translation work and take it to the next level.

Discover ‘how’ Bibledit can assist you with the translation work and how it performs to fascilitate teamwork through the Bibledit Cloud. Discover the flexibility of the program and see how translation work can even be done while travelling for example. Also find out how to easily compare different translations and digital resources.


The DEMO version of the Bibledit Translation Software is to see and feel what the software is like, like a ‘real life’ experience. It is absolutely great to get to know the many functions of the software and to see how it can assist you and the whole team with the translation work.

Nothing can go wrong on the demo version. It is like a sand box where you can fully experiment as you like and make changes as you like. It comes with the “World English Bible’ installed, but you can upload any Bible in any language and see if it works in the browser of your choice. If things ‘go wrong’, like when a Bible gets deleted accidentally, everything will be reset in a few hours. No worries, just enjoy.

Although the demo is self-explanatory, the software comes with a lot of online and personal support. Please check the detailed information on the Help menu, watch the Video Tutorials, and visit the online Bibledit Forum, for discussion and further support.

So if you are ready and prepared  🙂 : here is the link to the fully functional public Demo version of Bibledit Translation Software. Enjoy!