Google Translate

Google Translate can help you translating your resources into another language. For example it can translate the Greek New Testament into your local language. Or it can translate another resource into that language. That gives the translators easier access to those resources in a language they can understand.

To start using translated resources, follow these steps:

  1. The admin who hosts Bibledit Cloud needs to set up access to Google Translate. Information about how to set it up is in this file: /home/p8090/8090/config/googletranslate.txt
  2. Check whether access to Google Translate is now operational.
  3. Cannot find the JSON key to access Google Translate. Looking for this file: /home/p8090/8090/config/googletranslate.json
  4. Define a Google Translate Resource in Bibledit Cloud.
  5. Add the defined Google Translate Resource to your list of resources to view.