Change Notifications

This page lists the notifications of the changes in the Bible text.

Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate through the entries.

Press the delete key to remove the selected entry. Or click the 🗑.

Use the left and right arrow keys to expand or collapse the selected entry. Or click the 📁.

The expanded entry provides more information and options. It displays all the Consultation Notes that refer to the passage of the Change Notification. If you are subscribed to a note, you can unsubscribe. If a note is assigned to you, you can unassign it. When you have a Manager role, you can delete a note. You can create a new Consultation Note with a query about the change in the text of the Bible.

This page with change notifications is for you. Your colleagues have their own lists. Every day it will detect changes in the Bibles. It will then generate new change notifications based on those changes. It will add these new change notifications to the list.

The change notifications fall into several categories:

😊 : Those marked with a smiley face are notifications of changes made by you.
user : Those marked with the name of a user are notifications of changes made by this user.
📖 : Those marked with a book symbol are notifications of changes in the Bible text. They are the result of the combined edits of all users working on this Bible.

Each category can be enabled or disabled separately in your notifications.

Bible translation is a collaborative effort. Changes you enter may be updated by others or merged with their changes. The different categories of change notifications enable you to find out whether a change is now in the Bible text.

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