The language for Bibledit: English.

Your preferred language is not listed? Use your translation skills to assist with bringing another language to Bibledit. Start translating right away. It is possible to translate only the most important phrases to get your translation team going in their own language. Your translation will be included with the next Bibledit release.


The timezone for Bibledit as an offset from Coordinated Universal Time in hours: 0 hours.

RSS feed

RSS feed for the recent changes in the text of the Bible.

Include the author in the RSS feed.

The changes in the following Bibles will be visible in the RSS feed: none.


Bibledit uses indexes for fast lookup. Normally the indexes are refreshed automatically. When the Journal indicates unusual behaviour of an index, or errors, it needs to be recreated.

Recreate Bibles index.

Recreate Consultation Notes index.


The following fonts are available in Bibledit:

๐Ÿ—‘ Cardo-Regular.ttf

๐Ÿ—‘ SILEOT.ttf

You can upload a new font.


Clear the web cache and the resources cache.

Queued emails

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