Stylesheet test

Style Name
add Translator’s addition [delete]
addpn Combined add and pn style [delete]
b Blank line [delete]
bd Bold text [delete]
bdit Bold-italic text [delete]
bk Quoted book title [delete]
c Chapter number [delete]
ca Alternate chapter number [delete]
cat Category tag [delete]
cd Chapter description [delete]
cl Chapter label [delete]
cls Closure of an epistle [delete]
cp Published chapter character [delete]
d Descriptive title or Hebrew subtitle [delete]
dc Deuterocanonical [delete]
ef Extended footnote [delete]
em Emphasized text [delete]
esb Sidebar start [delete]
esbe Sidebar end [delete]
ex Extended cross reference [delete]
f Footnote [delete]
fdc Footnote Deuterocanonical content [delete]
fe Endnote [delete]
fig Figure / illustration / map [delete]
fk Footnote keyword [delete]
fl Footnote label text [delete]
fm Footnote reference mark [delete]
fp Footnote additional paragraph [delete]
fq Footnote translation quotation [delete]
fqa Footnote alternate translation [delete]
fr Footnote origin reference [delete]
ft Footnote text [delete]
fv Footnote verse number [delete]
h Running header [delete]
h1 Deprecated running header [delete]
h2 Deprecated left running header [delete]
h3 Deprecated right running header [delete]
ib Introduction blank line [delete]
id Identification [delete]
ide Encoding [delete]
ie Introduction end [delete]
iex Explanatory or bridge text [delete]
ili Introduction list item [delete]
ili1 Introduction list item level 1 [delete]
ili2 Introduction list item level 2 [delete]
im Introduction flush left paragraph [delete]
imi Indented introduction flush left paragraph [delete]
imq Introduction flush left quote from text paragraph [delete]
imt Introduction major title level 1 [delete]
imt1 Introduction major title level 1 [delete]
imt2 Introduction major title level 2 [delete]
imt3 Introduction major title level 3 [delete]
imt4 Introduction major title level 4 [delete]
imte Introduction major title ending [delete]
imte1 Introduction major title ending level 1 [delete]
imte2 Introduction major title ending level 2 [delete]
io Introduction outline entry [delete]
io1 Introduction outline entry Level 1 [delete]
io2 Introduction outline entry Level 2 [delete]
io3 Introduction outline entry level 3 [delete]
io4 Introduction outline entry level 4 [delete]
ior Introduction outline reference range [delete]
iot Introduction outline title [delete]
ip Introduction paragraph [delete]
ipi Indented introduction paragraph [delete]
ipq Introduction quote from text paragraph [delete]
ipr Introduction right-aligned paragraph [delete]
iq Introduction poetic line [delete]
iq1 Introduction poetic line Level 1 [delete]
iq2 Introduction poetic line level 2 [delete]
iq3 Introduction poetic line level 3 [delete]
iqt Introduction quoted text [delete]
is Introduction section heading level 1 [delete]
is1 Introduction section heading level 1 [delete]
is2 Introduction section heading level 2 [delete]
it Italic text [delete]
jmp Link text [delete]
k Keyword [delete]
lf List footer [delete]
lh List header [delete]
li List entry [delete]
li1 List entry level 1 [delete]
li2 List entry level 2 [delete]
li3 List entry level 3 [delete]
li4 List entry level 4 [delete]
lik List entry 'key' content [delete]
lim Embedded list entry [delete]
lim1 Embedded list entry level 1 [delete]
lim2 Embedded list entry level 2 [delete]
lit Liturgical note [delete]
litl List entry total [delete]
liv List entry 'value' content [delete]
liv1 List entry 'value' content level 1 [delete]
m Continuation paragraph [delete]
mi Indented flush left paragraph [delete]
mr Major section reference range [delete]
ms Major section heading [delete]
ms1 Major section heading level 1 [delete]
ms2 Major section heading level 2 [delete]
mt Major title [delete]
mt1 Major title level 1 [delete]
mt2 Major title level 2 [delete]
mt3 Major title level 3 [delete]
mt4 Major title level 4 [delete]
mte Major title at ending [delete]
mte1 Major title at ending level 1 [delete]
mte2 Major title at ending level 2 [delete]
nb No break with previous paragraph [delete]
nd Name of God [delete]
ndx Subject index entry [delete]
no Normal text [delete]
ord Ordinal number ending [delete]
p Normal paragraph [delete]
pb Page break [delete]
pc Centered paragraph [delete]
pi Indented paragraph [delete]
pi1 Indented paragraph level 1 [delete]
pi2 Indented paragraph level 2 [delete]
pi3 Indented paragraph level 3 [delete]
pm Embedded text paragraph [delete]
pmc Embedded text closing [delete]
pmo Embedded text opening [delete]
pmr Embedded text refrain [delete]
pn Proper name [delete]
png Geographic proper name [delete]
po Paragraph opening an epistle [delete]
pro Pronunciation annotation [delete]
q Poetic line [delete]
q1 Poetic line level 1 [delete]
q2 Poetic line level 2 [delete]
q3 Poetic line level 3 [delete]
qa Acrostic heading [delete]
qac Acrostic letter [delete]
qc Centered poetic line [delete]
qd Hebrew note [delete]
qm Embedded text poetic line [delete]
qm1 Embedded text poetic line level 1 [delete]
qm2 Embedded text poetic line level 2 [delete]
qm3 Embedded text poetic line level 3 [delete]
qr Right-aligned poetic line [delete]
qs Selah [delete]
qt Quoted text [delete]
r Parallel passage references [delete]
rb Annotated base text [delete]
rem Remark [delete]
rq Inline quotation references [delete]
rt Ruby annotation text [delete]
s Section heading [delete]
s1 Section heading level 1 [delete]
s2 Section heading Level 2 [delete]
s3 Section heading level 3 [delete]
s4 Section heading level 4 [delete]
sc Small-cap text [delete]
sd Semantic division [delete]
sd1 Semantic division level 1 [delete]
sd2 Semantic division level 2 [delete]
sd3 Semantic division level 3 [delete]
sd4 Semantic division level 4 [delete]
sig Signature of the author [delete]
sls Secondary language or text source [delete]
sp Speaker [delete]
sr Section reference range [delete]
sts Status [delete]
tc1 Table column 1 cell [delete]
tc2 Table column 2 cell [delete]
tc3 Table column 3 cell [delete]
tc4 Table column 4 cell [delete]
tcr1 Right aligned table cell column 1 [delete]
tcr2 Right aligned table cell column 2 [delete]
tcr3 Right aligned table cell column 3 [delete]
tcr4 Right aligned table cell column 4 [delete]
th1 Table column 1 heading [delete]
th2 Table column 2 heading [delete]
th3 Table column 3 heading [delete]
th4 Table column 4 heading [delete]
thr1 Right aligned table column 1 heading [delete]
thr2 Right aligned table column 2 heading [delete]
thr3 Right aligned table 3 column heading [delete]
thr4 Right aligned table column 4 heading [delete]
tl Transliterated word [delete]
toc Table of contents [delete]
toc1 Long table of contents text [delete]
toc2 Short table of contents text [delete]
toc3 Book abbreviation [delete]
tr Table row start [delete]
v Verse number [delete]
va Alternate verse number [delete]
vp Publishing alternate verse [delete]
w Wordlist entry [delete]
wa Aramaic word list entry [delete]
wg Greek word list entry [delete]
wh Hebrew word list entry [delete]
wj Words of Jesus [delete]
x Cross reference [delete]
xdc Cross reference deuterocanonical [delete]
xk Cross reference keyword [delete]
xnt Cross reference New Testament [delete]
xo Cross reference origin reference [delete]
xop Published cross reference origin text [delete]
xot Cross reference Old Testament [delete]
xq Cross reference quotation [delete]
xt Cross reference target references [delete]
xta Target references added text [delete]

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