Bible: Sample

Import Bible text. Paste the text into the box below and submit it.

You can also upload a file with the text. Or a compressed archive of such files.

The upload may take some time.


This page helps with importing Bible text. It recognizes two types of text.

1. It recognizes Unified Standard Format Markers text. More information about that. Bibledit recognizes books through the \id markup and chapters through the \c markup.

2. It also recognizes plain text. It does that one chapter at a time. It imports the text into the book and chapter indicated by the passage navigator at the top of the window. It considers numbers at the start of a line of text to be verse numbers. It does not discover verse numbers somewhere else in the text. After importing some text, it is recommended to run the checks on it.

An imported chapter overwrites the chapter already in the Bible. If you import for example Genesis chapter 1, it will overwrite Genesis 1 if that chapter already was in the Bible. It will not overwrite anything else. If Genesis 1 was not yet there, it will be created. You can import one chapter, or several chapters, or one book, or several books, all in one go. The text to be imported should be in Unicode UTF-8 format.